Angry and Bitter? Hell yes.

The flack Obama has been getting from the Clinton supporters, the McCain trolls, and the MSM would be funny if the truth of his statement didn’t ring true for so many people.  


There are people who are bitter and angry all over the USA,  in large cities and small towns alike.  We are bitter and angry because we have been lied to and deceived by the most corrupt and divisive President we have had in decades. 


We are bitter and angry at the lack of respect the current Government has demonstrated for our privacy, our civil rights, and more importantly, our troops, by sending them into a senseless war. 


We are bitter and angry because our economy is going down the tank.  Yet, our jobs are going overseas.  


We are bitter and angry because the corporate owned media prefers to perpetuate mudslinging and propaganda as opposed to reporting the news, meanwhile turning our presidential primary into a joke. 


So yes, we are bitter and we are angry, and with good reason. 


The time has come for thinking America to resolve our inner-party differences, put forth a nominee, and focus on securing a Democratic Whitehouse come November.  God knows it’s the best shot we have at repairing the damage done by the current (mis)administration and returning her to her former glory.




Another Bitter, Angry American.


6 responses to “Angry and Bitter? Hell yes.

  1. You have fallen victim to the tantalizing Obama spell. Nobody is complaining about Barack calling citizens bitter. HELL YES Americans are bitter because the government has let us down over and over and over again. I’m upset with Obama because he is again distorting his own words and lying to the media. He insulted average Americans by stating that they “cling” to stuff like religion and guns because they are bitter. This is absolutely not true. People own guns for protection and hunting. People rely on religion because its something they believe in. This has nothing to do with bitterness.

    Bitterness is more aptly defined by Michelle Obama, who despite attending Columbia and Harvard; despite being raised by a successful preacher and school executive; despite making $370k a year as VP of Corporate Outreach (whatever that means); has the audacity to say that America is mean, that she has a hard time making ends meet, etc. She should be praising America for the opportunity she was given as a citizen. Instead she buys off on the “blame the man” attitude. And you want her in the Whitehouse?

  2. Sorry to burst your bubble, sport, but I’ve researched all of the candidates. Yeah, Obama is human and he has made some poor word choices, but he is a far cry better than any Republican – especially McCain.

    Yes, Obama is my first choice, but I assure you I will wholeheartedly support Hillary if she is the nominee. Anything to help reclaim this country for the people – the bitter, angry people.

  3. What exactly are you looking for the government to do that you can’t do yourself? I can’t see life getting any better in America if the Dems reclaim the White House. Higher taxes, more entitlement programs, a stock market that takes a major dive, increasing influx of illegal immigrants, more pork. Is this what you are looking for?

  4. I’m not looking for the government to do a damn thing for me. I want those who genuinely need help to get it. I want civil rights for everyone in this nation. I want our troops – the heros in this world – back home where they belong and protecting us here. America has gone to shit under the Bush administration. Half of his buddies are in jail or barely missed it. The other half belong there.

    I am not wild about Hillary and I don’t think Obama is perfect by any means, but I sure as hell cannot support a man who will continue America down the same path of destruction it has been on for the last 7 years.

    So what exactly is wrong with what I want for my fellow Americans?

    Oh yeah, thanks for posting. Serious.

  5. Thanks for the enjoyable debate. Like you say, while we are on opposite sides of the political spectrum we are both Americans and both respect our right to free speech. Frankly, it is refreshing to find a liberal interesting in actually talking about the issues instead of insulting or swearing at those that they disagree with.

    Here’s to honest debate! 🙂 Feel free to comment on my site any time.

  6. Hi, just wanted to mention, I enjoyed this article.

    It was inspiring. Keep on posting!

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