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Shit about me:

1) I have only had one ticket in my entire life – passing in a no passing zone.

2) I can count on both hands the number of people I’ve slept with.

3) One of my internet personas has been written about in a book.

4) I’m related to a fairly high-profile politician.

5) I know dirty little secrets about a very large Baptist church.

6) I have a polaroid picture of myself and a playboy centerfold.

McCain on civil rights, the Iraq war, the economy

Fail Wives

Which pie would you rather eat?






Kudos to these guys 

Best political post found today by far.

Open Mouth – Insert Fail

Angry and Bitter? Hell yes.

The flack Obama has been getting from the Clinton supporters, the McCain trolls, and the MSM would be funny if the truth of his statement didn’t ring true for so many people.  


There are people who are bitter and angry all over the USA,  in large cities and small towns alike.  We are bitter and angry because we have been lied to and deceived by the most corrupt and divisive President we have had in decades. 


We are bitter and angry at the lack of respect the current Government has demonstrated for our privacy, our civil rights, and more importantly, our troops, by sending them into a senseless war. 


We are bitter and angry because our economy is going down the tank.  Yet, our jobs are going overseas.  


We are bitter and angry because the corporate owned media prefers to perpetuate mudslinging and propaganda as opposed to reporting the news, meanwhile turning our presidential primary into a joke. 


So yes, we are bitter and we are angry, and with good reason. 


The time has come for thinking America to resolve our inner-party differences, put forth a nominee, and focus on securing a Democratic Whitehouse come November.  God knows it’s the best shot we have at repairing the damage done by the current (mis)administration and returning her to her former glory.




Another Bitter, Angry American.